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Hello. 👋 You probably clicked this link and are thinking. What is a nodball? Well nodball is a network that aims to be a little something different than the norm.

You may probably be thinking. What makes you different and why should I make the effort to join yours?

While I may not be able to answer your question in full, there are a bunch of things that make ours stand out from the crowd.

1. We've built our interface from the ground up specifically to provide you with tools necessary for taking your podcast/show to the next level. We didn't hack this up from WordPress/Drupal, this is from the ground up with several systems (backend and frontend) provided for both you the podcaster and the fans to have the experience you deserve.
2. We believe that running your show should be as simple as uploading to YouTube whether it's audio or video. We encode all of our videos and audio files with trusted open source software like FFMPEG and tag them with programs like eyeD3. I know I'm getting too technical but we want to make sure that you can make anything your heart desires (whether 4K HDR television shows or even those experimental surround sound podcasts that you happen to find on iHeart.)
3. We're a constantly evolving project, meaning that we constantly improve on stuff that's important to you such as analytics, the overall front-end experience, even the amount of space that we offer. You may realize 5TBs is not enough... don't worry, we're going to make that work until we get to the point where we can expand our storage space to double and even triple digit TBs.
4. We're a non-profit, non-corporate network which means that you don't pay us a thing for having your network on there. While it's unrealistic for us to expect people to donate to a relatively new network with only this form and nothing to show for it, we do believe that if people love what we do, then they'll help us grow. It doesn't have to be much, the server that runs nodball is only $30/month but if we had more money then we could do some incredible stuff.

What about features though? There are a lot of features that will help make your life easier.

1. In keeping with the line of easy, you can post to Twitter, Reddit, Facebook and Tumblr to both nodball's social media and your social media. Why should you have to deal with paying this for that and suffering hours of hard work setting it up when you can trust one guy who feverishly set everything up to make sure that it works easy.
2. You can add people to your show to help you upload episodes, manage comments, provide maintenance and well, help make your life easier.
3. We got a subtitle editor that you can use to add subtitles to your videos, avoid using a program to create an SRT file that you have to constantly edit when you can use our editor that looks and behaves just like YouTube.
4. We also offer a transcript feature that allows for you to go into detail with episodes and make your potential viewers into potential listeners/viewers.
5. Mark your favorite episodes that'll be shown in a separate "Best Of" page, make your best episodes known.
6. Analytics as simple as bandcamp but as powerful as you can imagine.
7. A moderation system that works.
8. An email system that allows you and your fellow people to check the mail of a show on the network, no more having to create a seperate email account just for your show.

I know what you're asking, what about for the fans?

1. Your fans have the power of comments by your side, comments that reliably collect thanks from people around the globe whether they have an account or not and remembers them across sessions.
2. With an account, your fans have the ability to favorite shows and receive notifications whenever there's a new episode from a favorited show. There will be further notification features in the future.
3. Anybody (account or otherwise) can report a comment and our potential mods (and even those people who you added to your show) and admins will take a look and within the legitimacy of the report, help you maintain a safe atmosphere.

Future features included in the roadmap are:
1. Live streaming for shows on the network.
2. Episode categories to identify separate entities of work that belong to your show.
3. A subscription service called nodball X designed for the creator in mind. Viewers/listeners pay to access exclusive content you and other creators create or designate. It's not per show, it's one monthly flat-rate price.
4. Trending content so you can see which shows are trending in the moment.
5. This is a huge maybe but... recommendations.

What we're looking for: podcasts that are innovative/groundbreaking/unique/standout. we accept any kind of podcast; examples include: audio/video comedy/drama shows, comedy podcasts, news podcasts, political podcasts, sports podcasts, true-crime podcasts, interview podcasts and that's just scratching the surface. It doesn't even have to be a podcast!

If I like it then you have a definite shot of being on the network.

Here are some screenshots of the interface if you want to take a look.

There is no deadline.

If you want to play with the interface for yourself, it's hosted on

Thank you for filling out this form in advance.

We're more than just a network, we're a collective of dreamers who seek to grow through one another.
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