Concerto da Camera‘s Masterclass Series 雅樂合奏團大師班系列- Dr. Sonia Lee 李敏琪博士Pianist | Historical keyboardist | Scholar 鋼琴家 | 古鍵盤樂器 | 學者
Concerto da Camera‘s Masterclass Series
1st -7th April, 2019

Dr. Sonia Lee 李敏琪博士
Pianist | Historical keyboardist | Scholar
鋼琴家 | 古鍵盤樂器 | 學者

All masterclasses & workshops are open to
players of all all levels

Workshop (I)
Harpsichord Tuning & Temperament
Date 日期 :5th April 2019, Friday
Time 時j間: 2pm-4pm Admission 報名: $360
Please register in advance for reservation. 請預早報名登記

Workshop(I I): Baroque Repertoire &
Performance Practice
Date 日期 :5th April 2019, Friday
Time 時j間: 4:30pm-6:30pm Admission 報名$200
Please register in advance for reservation. 請預早報名登記

Private lesson or form your own group lessons are avaliable for registration

For who to join?

- Instructions offered on the technique and interpretation of piano repertories from the 17th to the 21th century, including Jazz.

- Flash course on Baroque figured bass accompaniment (basso continuo) and improvisation for pianists in chamber / orchestral music settings.

- Basso continuo accompianment for instrumentalists and singers working on 17th to 18th centuray baroque repertories.

- Coaching on the preparation of program notes


- 教授鋼琴技巧及由歐洲17至21世紀音樂及爵士音樂的風格演繹

- 教授巴羅克數字低音伴奏法及即興技巧, 適合室內樂及管弦樂合奏的鍵盤手

- 為樂器手或聲樂伴奏 (歐洲17至18世紀巴羅克數字低音伴奏)

- 教授音樂會節目場刊編寫

Opportunity for particpant to be apart of Concerto da Camera's productions!

查詢電話及預約/Enquiry and booking tel/ whatapp : 97313388
香港銅鑼灣邊寧頓街18號廣旅集團大廈7樓A室 Room A, 7/F Guangdong Tour Centre, 18 Pennington Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Scholar-performer Dr. Sonia Lee has given performances, talks and masterclasses in more than eighteen countries on four continents. A pianist/historical keyboardists with a versatile repertoire spanning from the 16th to the 21st century, she has appeared as soloist and collaborative artist at numerous festivals and venues, most recently at the Universities of Cambridge and Oxford, and has recorded for Mark Records, Arabesque and other labels.

李敏琪博士曾於四大洲超過十八個國家演奏鋼琴、古鋼琴、古鍵琴、 管風琴和擊弦古鋼琴, 並常以客席講師身分於世界各地舉行講座和大師班。 她曾於無數音樂節及場地演出,包括最近的劍橋和牛津大學 。她也曾為Mark Records,Arabesque和其他唱片公司錄製過 CD 。

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