Please complete the form below to register for the Global Virtual Classroom (GVC) Contest for the 2013/2014 school year. The GVC Contest registration ends on September 25, 2013.

Before filling out the form, please read this "Teacher's Oath" and VERIFY THAT YOU AN COMMIT to the 8 points listed here.

Teacher or Adult Leader is expected to do the following in order to lead well and partner well.

1.) I agree to communicate with my partners at least once time per week.

2.) If my school is not actively participating by November 1st, I agree that my school will be removed from the GVC Contest and replaced by another school, if one is available.

3.) I verify that I am a teacher or other adult who will be supervise and be responsible for my class or group for the duration of the GVC Contest period.

4.) I verify that I have the necessary web page building and FTP skills. (Check the Wiki Resources [http://gvc12-teachers-lounge.wikispaces.com/Resources] if you need to do some learning in this area.)

5.) I will accurately describe my technical skills to my partners.

6.) I acknowledge that I will inform my partners of all holidays and school events between October and March that might interfere with my school's participation during the GVC Contest period. (No need to mention single day holidays.)

7.) I understand sites will be judged on content, presentation, helping focus and collaboration, and that all work must be copyright compliant.

8.) I agree to respect the final decisions of the judging panel.

If you are unable to agree to any of these items, contact the GVC Manager, jbarnstable@gsbi.org for additional help OR consider participating in our Clubhouse program [http://gvc-clubhouse.wikispaces.com/], which is less demanding.

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