The FAULT2SHA Working Group has been formally approved by the European Seismological Commission at the 35th General Assembly, held in Trieste, Sept 2016.
It will be active from 2016 to 2020.
The initial aim of the FAULT2SHA WG is stated AT
The initiatives on the fly are listed AT
NOTE THAT the ESC WGs are not financially supported, neither for their activities, nor for their positions.
Participation is on voluntary basis only.
Please compile this form if you want to join the WG.
Email address
Fist Name
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Last Name
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Enter full address and phone/skype/hangout contacts
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Express your choice for the years 2016-2018. Multiple choice is allowed. Roles are as it follows:
- The Rapporteur acts to present official reports to ESC and meetings
- The Executive Committee (3-8 members, based on total WG joinings) supports the Rapporteur and Initiative Promoters
- An Initiative Promoter is who leads specific actions (e.g. Session meetings, Schools, Editorial or Communication plans)
- Member is who wants to be currently informed on WG activities, and to partecipate in ballots and surveys
- Temporary follower is specifically interested to a specific Initiative, and do not want to follow regularly the WG
If needed, Rapporteur and Executive Committee will go under ballot in Spring 2017.
Which role are you interested in/available within the FAULT2SHA WG?
If you signed as Initiative Promoter, answer the WHERE, WHEN, WHAT questions and describe in brief the initiative you are proposing to the WG. You will be assisted by the Executive Committee
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If you signed as Member or Temporary follower please quote the initiatives you are interested in (list at the link ) then answer the questions
The initiatives I want to follow are:
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My expectations from the FAULT2SHA WG are:
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I have reached this form by:
Have you already participated to similar initiatives?
If you answered YES, please describe briefly the similar initiative
Which, where, when the similar initiative?
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