Amelia Earhart STEM FAIR Judging Form
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Research Question
Clear and focused purpose
Identifies contribution to field of study
Testable using scientific methods
Scoring Scale
A+ = 10 A = 9 B =8 C = 7 D=6 D- = 4 F= 4
Research Question *
Design & Methodology
Well designed plan and data collection methods
Variables and controls defined, appropriate and complete
Scoring Scale
A+ = 15 A = 14 B = 12 C = 10 D=8 D- = 7 F= 6
Design & Methodology *
Execution:Data Collection, Analysis & Interpretation
Ÿ Systematic data collection and analysis
Ÿ Reproducibility of results
Ÿ Appropriate application of mathematical and statistical methods
Ÿ Sufficient data collected to support interpretation and conclusions
Scoring Scale
A+ = 20 A =18 B = 16 C = 14 D=12 D- = 10 F= 8
Thoroughness *
Project demonstrates significant creativity in one or more of the above criteria. (is this project found on the Projects Often Done by Students document)
A+ = 20 A=18 B=16 C=14 D=12 D- =10 F=8 *
Ÿ Logical organization of material
Ÿ Clarity of graphics and legends
Ÿ Supporting documentation sited or displayed
A+ = 10 A =9 B =8 C =7 D =6 F =5 *
Ÿ Clear, concise, thoughtrul responses to questions
Ÿ Understanding of basic science relevant to project
Ÿ Understanding interpretation and limitations of results and conclusions
Ÿ Degree of independence in conducting project
Ÿ Recognition of potential impact in science, society and/or economics
Ÿ Quality of ideas for further research
Ÿ For team projects, contributions to and understanding of project by all members
A+ = 25 A =23 B =20 C =17 D =15 F =12 *
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