Meal Site Guest Survey
Thank you for participating in this survey. The purpose of this survey is to help FCCMP (Franklin County Community Meals Program) continuously improve upon their mission to "work in partnership with the community to alleviate hunger". FCCMP oversees meal sites in Turners Falls (Our Lady of Peace Church), Greenfield (Second Congregational Church), and Orange (Orange Armory) as well as the Orange Food Pantry.
Which town do you currently live in?
For how long have you been eating at this site / picking up food?
Is the food offered similar to the food you would choose/make for yourself? (i.e. adhere to dietary restrictions, culturally appropriate foods, nutritional foods?) If not, what can be improved? Please explain in "other".
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Are you satisfied with how often the meals are offered? If not, please explain in "other".
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How does FCCMPs offerings compare to other local meal services?
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Would you prefer hot meals to continue to be offered “to go” once we are able to open indoor seating again?
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Which FCCMP locations do you attend? Please select all that apply.
How did you first find out about these meal sites? Please select all that apply.
How would you like to receive information from FCCMP (email, social media, website, etc.)?
Would you be interested in information regarding education programs or other resources available at our sites? Please select the programs you would be interested in.
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