GEW City Application
Thank you for your interest! Please use this form to let us know why you would like to organize GEW in your city.

To learn more about GEW please visit This is a volunteer position requiring as much time as you would like to invest. Most of the time invested will be between September - November. Responsibilities of GEW organizing partners include:

Developing a committee of GEW organizers who are committed to local entrepreneurship engagement and development; Hosting a launch event on the Monday of GEW; Encouraging partners to host events during GEW that support entrepreneurs in your city; Finding local sponsors and partners as necessary; & Writing blog posts and communicating local stories to GEW USA HQ

What GEN USA provides:
City collaboration: Our GEW cities are working cross-sector to build a full week of activities that highlights the best programs, resources and opportunities for local entrepreneurs. Let us help you build a city committee that creates and leads GEW every year.

Theme days: we will be announcing our themes for this year by June 2017. Last year themes included youth entrepreneurship, women in entrepreneurship, scale ups and investors. Organizers can elect to host an event along one of these themes, or pick a theme that best matches your organizational objectives.

International connections: Are you interested in working with a global city on a project that will help your community? GEN works with 160 countries and we are happy to connect you with a partner across the world to host a meaningful conversation, share tools and best practices, or work together on a long-term project that supports entrepreneurs.

High level promotions: Let us show off your work. Send us a blog post, photos, stories and more from your GEW campaign.

Speaker procurement: Find speakers for your event or investors to serve as judges for your startup competition. Let us know what you need and we will tap into our network of national and global partners.

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