MYC Strategic Planning Survey
Members and Users of the Marquette Yacht Club:

The MYC board of directors has embarked on a strategic planning effort to update our club mission and to develop a five year sustainability and growth plan driven by input from MYC user groups and members. In that effort, we are requesting all members to complete a survey concerning your vision for the MYC. Additional input will be sought from the club’s various user groups.

As part of the strategic planning process to date, the board has met in a facilitated session and completed the following:
• Drafted a revised vision and mission statement (provided below)
• Identified club values and positioning
• Identified our major user groups
• Developed plans to survey the interests of our major user groups.
• Developed a survey for each full club member to complete.

Responses to the surveys will be consolidated and shared with all members. The board will then draft a preliminary strategic plan that will be shared with all members for review and further comment. In addition, a planning session will be held this winter for all interested members whereby the board will take comment, answer questions, and discuss alternatives. We will pick the date for this winter meeting at our Annual banquet.

The major user groups include:
• The Ensign Fleet
• The Laser Fleet
• NMU Sailing Team
• Marquette Junior Yacht Club
• Upland storage users
• Dockers
• Rowers (Lark)

Draft Vision Statement (Where do we want to be in 5-10 years):

To provide a unique gateway to recreational boating in our community.

Draft Mission Statement (What business are we in):

To encourage and support sailing and non-motorized boating by providing facilities for the recreational, educational, and social use of its members.

Club Values and Positioning (What principles will guide future direction):

• We maintain the cost of access to achieve affordable facilities for members with a predictable fee structure.
• We host and encourage user groups to promote diverse community participation in activities with an emphasis in educations, safety, respect, and outreach.
Please note any concerns, recommendations, or comments for each of these topics:
1. Upkeep of the clubhouse and grounds
Your answer
2. Improvements for clubhouse and/or grounds: (What changes or upgrades in club facilities would enhance your membership experience?)
Your answer
3. Satisfaction with current events policy: (Current policy is posted on the MYC website: Do you recommend changes? Are improvements need to accommodate future events?
Your answer
4. Have past private events interfered with your use of the club?
Your answer
5. Docks: (configuration, safety, maintenance, administration, etc…)
Your answer
6. Upland storage for small craft (storage area, racks, etc.)
Your answer
7. Winter storage and placement of large vessels
Your answer
8. MYC outreach efforts: (Web site, email notices, newsletter, postings. Can the MYC board and/or committees better communicate with membership?)
Your answer
9. Community outreach events: (e.g.; use of property, how much support and effort is appropriate?)
Your answer
10. Membership categories and fees: (fees structure and different privileges for membership categories. Current categories are; Full Member $200/yr., Full Joint (includes spouse) $300, Associate Member $50/yr., Student $25/yr.)
Your answer
11. Fee structure for docks and storage: (Dockage $600-$700/yr., Upland Storage $50-$75/yr., Winter Storage $50-$100/yr.)
Your answer
Please address the following questions:
12. What do you need from the MYC over the next 5 years to fully enjoy your membership?
Your answer
13. What changes in the fee structure would you be willing to pay to support enhancements you suggested in this survey?
Your answer
14. Club Administration: The MYC Board has established five standing committees to coordinate, manage, and make recommendations for different aspects of the club; House and Grounds, Events/Rentals, Dock, Outreach, and Rules. The responsibilities of these committees are posted at: Do you have comments concerning this management structure or other issues related to club administration?
Your answer
15. If you are not a member, please explain why, and what would cause you to join?
Your answer
Indicate if you are affiliated with any of these user groups:
Indicate your membership level:
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