Enterprise Science Fair
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Creative Ability (30 pts.)
Uniqueness (10 pts) *
Project is truly unique and well thought out. This has not been seen at other fairs. Project is completely appropriate for age of the student.
Thinking (10 pts) *
Project shows the student's thinking process. The student has adapted and molded the project to make it his/her own.
Student Work (10 pts) *
Project depicts the student's own work.
Scientific Though / Method (30 pts.)
Purpose/Problem.. (6 pts) *
is clearly addressing a valid scientfic or mathematical concept. It is obvious that the idea is the student's own.
Hypothesis..(6 pts) *
is complete, testable, and uses precise wording. It is directly addressing the stated problem and reflects prior knowledge.
Procedure...(6 pts) *
is well-constructed and test the problem. Steps are outlined in a step-by-step fashion that anyone could follow. All materials are listed.
Observations/Results..(6 pts) *
are clear. Data is summarized in a way that describes what was discovered. Project discusses connections/similarities or differences between data found. Charts, graphs, and/or other visuals are used.
Conclusion (6 pts) *
completely answers the problem and states if the hypothesis was successful or rejected. If rejected there is evidence or reasoning to explain why.
Understanding (15 pts.)
Information (5 pts) *
Project is very explicit, indicating what the student has learned throughout the experiment.
Research (5 pts) *
Student has used research and literature appropriately, with lists available of who helped, bibliography, books or articles used, etc.
Tell a Story (5pts) *
Student has a precise understanding of the project. Student is able to relate the experiment in an appropriate manner when talking to the judges.
Dramatic Value/Technical Skill (10 pts)
Construction (5 pts) *
Project is neatly done, creative and well organized. Project is well written using good grammar, spelling, and sentence structure. Graphs, Charts, and other visuals are neat and organized.
Appearance (5 pts) *
Project holds attention of the viewer, and uses color appropriately and is exciting. Headings are used consistently throughout the project.
Clarity (15 pts)
Communication (5 pts) *
Student distinctively communicates the purpose of the experiment, how the experiment was handled, and how it concluded.
Information (5 pts) *
Project information is explicit and in the appropriate logical order.
Understanding (5 pts) *
Project is easy to follow and understand. Another person could follow the experiment.
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