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Thank you for participating in our soil voucher program! The Soil and Water Conservation District can provide up to two soil nutrient soil vouchers per Jefferson County address. If you are concerned about lead in your soil you can request a soil lead test. In that case, you can receive one soil lead test and one soil nutrient test.

Soil Nutrient Test Voucher: Covers the cost of one(1) soil nutrient test. Results from the test will list levels of phosphate, potassium, calcium, magnesium and zinc, soil pH, buffer pH and recommendations for nitrogen, potassium, potash and lime soil amendments. This test is done by University of Kentucky labs.

Soil Lead Test Voucher: Covers the cost of one(1) soil lead test. Results from the test will list the lead levels in the soil along with the soil nutrient information listed above. This test is done by the University of Massachusetts labs.
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