MOOP Report 2018 - Request Form
Please fill out this form if you would like to request a full MOOP report from Playa Restoration and Placement of what was found in your camp. We appreciate answers to the questions below so we can give you helpful guidance and feedback when we deliver your MOOP report via email. This form should be filled out by your camp lead, primary camp contact, or LNT lead only. Please make sure only one person per camp fills out this form so we don't get duplicate requests. We will prioritize feedback to camps based on severity of MOOP issues. Thank you for your patience as we put this together and get it to you when we're able!
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2. Your Camp or Village Name
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3. Your Camp Location
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4. How many people were in your camp?
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5. On what date did your camp vacate Black Rock City?
6. At what time of day did your camp vacate Black Rock City?
7. Describe your camp's Leave No Trace effort.
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8. What was the most problematic MOOP that you found and removed during your camp's final cleanup? What do you think was the source?
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9. What other kinds of MOOP did you find?
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10. Did you conduct a cleanup Line Sweep?
11. If yes, how many people participated in your cleanup Line Sweep?
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12. Did you photograph or document your Leave No Trace effort?
13. Any other thoughts?
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A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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