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I perceive myself to be different than others, not better or worse, but just different *
I firmly believe that knowledge holds a lot of power *
I deeply desire a sense of social security *
I often worry that I am missing out on a good time *
I consider myself a headstrong person, though this can seem to be a bit stubborn *
I deeply value intrinsic peace and harmony *
I am usually straightforward and direct with my opinion on things *
I am often termed as the 'parent' in my friend's group *
I am deeply afraid of failure and being seen as incompetent *
I feel emotions deeply *
I am often intrigued by complex system and ideas *
I start thinking about negative possibilities at the first hint of trouble *
I seek excitement and adventure *
I may be termed or seen as intimidating *
I avoid situations which bring up unpleasant feelings *
I tend to see the world as morally black and white rather than grey *
I am a natural caretaker *
It is important for me to be successful *
I yearn to connect with others but feel as though they can't understand you *
I deeply value my independence, both in a personal and professional sphere *
I hold loyalty in high regard as I can have trust issues *
I like spontaneity and quick to offer solutions, which may seem impulsive *
I am self-confident, unafraid of confrontation and can speak up for loved ones and individuals having trouble to defend themselves *
I don't mind going along with what other people want *
I am afraid of being immoral and unjust *
I take initiative to help people and make their lives easier *
I set ambitious goals for myself *
I find melancholic moods oddly comforting *
I read books as it helps me become better at what I do *
I like to be very prepared and can have extensive plans for an event, even maybe a backup *
I often make changes in my life when things get boring *
I don't mind taking a lead and directing a group's activity *
I find it easy to match other people's energies and can be a social chameleon *
I don't like it when people disrupt or play around with rules *
I enjoy caring for others and their needs *
I want to be a role model that people can look upto *
I have different interests than most people which tends to be weird *
I am deeply attracted to the potential the unknown and the unexplored may hold *
It is important for me to understand what can go wrong in a situation, and am prepared for any disaster *
I have a wide range of interests *
I find myself exerting control over an environment *
I care about group harmony and hence find myself to solve conflicts *
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