AP Argument Essay Attempt #1 Self-Evaluation (3rd Period)
This form should be completed PRIOR to turning in your essay to Mrs. Garcia
Your Name: Last Name, First Name
Your answer
Re-write your thesis statement below.
Your answer
Does your thesis statement take a solid position either FOR or AGAINST the idea that civil disobedience is necessary for social progress?
How would you categorize your introduction?
If you picked up your essay and read the introduction, would YOU find it interesting?
What is the first piece of evidence you used?
Your answer
Which of the appeals does this argument create?
Did you introduce the evidence (contextualize it and/or provide background information)?
Did you EXPLAIN how this evidence related to your thesis statement?
Does your explanation take up at least 3/4 of your body paragraph?
What is the second piece of evidence you used?
Your answer
Which of the appeals does this argument create?
Is this piece of evidence stronger than the first?
Did you thoroughly develop this piece of evidence as it related to your thesis statement?
What is the counterargument you included in your conclusion?
Your answer
Did you REFUTE the counterargument (did you explain why it is wrong)?
What was your final "call-to-action" statement?
Your answer
What rhetorical devices did YOU use in order to craft your argument?
Your answer
Does it feel like you could have "dropped the mic" after you finished reading your conclusion?
What score would you give yourself on this essay? Remember that 5 is passing. You have your rubrics for reference.
What is one question you have for Mrs. Garcia or one area in particular you would like help with? Individual or small group writing conferences will take place on Monday of next week while students are working on their independent reading projects or reading Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass.
Your answer
Do you feel like this is the best example of your persuasive writing skills you are able to put together at this time? If yes, please take your paper to Mrs. Garcia and begin working on your independent reading project. If not, you may turn your paper in to Mrs. Garcia on Thursday at the beginning of class. Use this time now to either revise or work on your independent reading project.
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