FURUM'19 Panelist Application Form
Here are a list of topics you can consider as you register as a panelist for FURUM'19:

Everything Furry:
* The Fandom (History, projects, culture, the future)
* Projects within our Fandom (Running communities or services)
* Furry Lifestyles and Cultures (By being a furry, how has your life changed?)

Art & Writing:
* Drawing (Techniques, medium and inspiration)
* Writing Furry Fiction (Stories, structure and plot line)
* Animation (Tips and tricks on how to bring characters to life)
* Music (Beat, rhythm and tempo)
* Crafting (Origami, model construction, prop designs, engineering)
* Commissions (Discussion of how to buy or sell commissions)
* Other Character or OC development (Character designs, energy and world)

* Acting & Personality (Unique personality, character design and performance)
* Building (materials and crafty tricks)

Theme & Other:
* Wildlife (Knowledge, projects and animal studies)
* Puppeteering (Unique characters, behavior and the play)
* Virtual Worlds (FurryMuck or Second Life)
* Survival Guide (Left stranded? Or how to prepare for a Robot Apocalypse? etc...)
When you register this panel, you hereby declare that you are the person in charge and will take full responsibility for the management of this panel and any assistant(s) you recruit for the duration of the time assigned. In addition, you also agree that the nature of your panel is family-friendly PG-13 and will NOT include any presentation or topic that contains R-18 explicit adult content. *
What is your FURUM "Registration ID" Number? *
As per registration. (You need to be a registered attendee to host a panel)
What is your FURUM registered name? *
As per registration.
What is your on-site/online contact? (Phone No, Telegram ID, Discord, Facebook, etc...) *
This is to allow us a way to contact you regarding your panel during the con.
What is your panel/event titled? *
We will use this title to promote your panel on the convention timetable.
If you have any additional helpers/assistants for your panel, please list down their Names and FURUM Registration ID in the space below. (You may skip this segment if you are the only host.)
For each helper/assistant name you list, please also include their FURUM Registration ID Number next to their names respectively.
What is your panel category? *
Panel Description *
Please tell us more about your panel and what you roughly plan to do in this session.
What inspired you to run this panel/event? *
Please briefly tell us about your motivation, why this panel?
Please provide a description and link(s) to any of your Expertise References/Portfolios to show your area of expertise on your hosted subject. (If you are new to this, it is alright. Please do mention below if you are.) Answering this segment is optional*, but it will certainly help us in our selections to approve your event should multiple persons decide to host a similar event. *
You may also provide us link(s) to your documentations if any.
What is the duration of your panel? *
How much time do you need to run your panel?
Additional Remarks (if any)
For Example: Prefer earlier slot? Not in the morning? Or prefer afternoon? etc... (We will try our best to slot you into the most preferable time, nonetheless there is no guarantee.)
What equipment do you need?
Please declare the items that you need or would like us to prepare for your panel. We will do our best to accommodate your requests within the best of our abilities and or supplies.
Thank you for your registration. Please be patient as a FURUM staff (Melfur) will contact you shortly to keep in touch. Please be kind to him and don't bully. c:
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