ReThink Summit 2019-2020 Program: School Application!
Hi, and welcome to ReThink Summit 2019-2020 Program! We're so glad that you want to be a part of our program, which is committed to working to end online hate/harassment and spread positivity among today's youth - both in and out of schools.
To apply to the program, please fill out the short form below. Make sure to carefully read all of the directions and provide answers to all of the questions below. If you have any questions regarding the application, please contact us at This application will close on October 1st 2019 - there will be no exceptions or extensions, so please complete this form before that date. Schools selected for the program will be released on October 15th 2019, and will be contacted both via an email to the Faculty Administrator below, as well as on our website.

If you'd like to learn more about the ReThink Summit 2019-2020 Program, please visit: Any additional questions regarding the program should also be directed to:

To learn more about ReThink, and the work we do, visit: To learn more about our Founder, Trisha Prabhu, visit To stay in the loop about new updates, follow us on Twitter: @rethinkwords.

Thank you! Together, let's conquer cyberbullying - before the damage is done.

The ReThink Team
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Why is your school interested in this program? (Write 3 -4 sentences as to your's school motivation in bringing our program to your students. We know that it's likely related to cyberbullying, but we want to know where you, specifically, as an academic community, are coming from!) *
What does ReThink's mission mean to you (and your school)? *
In accordance with the program, can your school commit to all elements of this program (utilizing our curriculum, creating ReThink Chapter clubs, purchasing merchandise, attending the ReThink Summit)? *
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