Contributor Content Submission for the 2020-21 Andersonville Neighborhood Guide
Thank you for your interest in submitting content to our 2020-21 edition of the Andersonville Neighborhood Guide!

We are looking for the following:

- Pets of Andersonville: We know we have a ton of pet lovers living here, and we’d love to feature yours in photographic glory! We are looking to put together a Pets of Andersonville feature from our local residents. Please submit a high res photo of your pet, preferably photographed out and about in Andersonville, along with your pet’s name and favorite Andersonville business to visit.

- The Andersonville Experience: Based on results from our 2019 Andersonville Consumer Survey, we know many people visit Andersonville for the “Four Hour Experience." This means, they come to shop, eat, and experience our entertainment/nightlife, all in the same day. In an effort to illustrate this concept, we are collecting written submissions/quotes about your Andersonville Experience. How do you spend your ideal day here? Your submission can be a written quote or statement only or also include accompanying photos.

- Andersonville Neighborhood Photography: We know many of you LOVE taking photos of our iconic Water Tower, Dala Horse, Puppet Bike, local shops, streetscape, and more. Submitted neighborhood photos will be considered for the cover of the 2020-21 Guide as well as interior features. All photos chosen for publication will credit the photographer on our Guide table of contents.

- Andersonville stories or editorial features, both fiction or nonfiction

- Andersonville specific Illustrations, graphic design, or artwork

SUBMISSION GUIDELINES: Please fill out the Submission Form below. All applicants must complete the entry form. If you are choosing to submit an Andersonville Experience statement, the form is the only thing we need!

- Photo and Artwork: If your submission includes photographs or artwork, please email print-ready high resolution images in jpeg, PSD, EPS, or TIFF format sized at 300 dpi to For cell-phone photographers who may have captured the perfect shot of Andersonville, but aren’t sure of the size or quality, please submit to us the original photo file at full-size, unedited.

- Written Content: If your submission includes written content, please submit proofread and edited work in a PDF format with author(s) credit.

- File Format: Label all submitted files with your name, title of the work, and numeration (lastname_firstname_title_1).

- Deadline: The Andersonville Chamber of Commerce will accept submissions through March 16, 2020.

Andersonville Chamber of Commerce fosters a vibrant environment in which Andersonville businesses can thrive by attracting a diverse customer base; providing business support services and advocacy; and engaging in business attraction, long-range planning, and economic development.

This contributor content request is open to all ages. People of color, women, persons with disabilities, and persons who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, gender non-conforming or intersex are encouraged to submit.

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