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Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

As you may know I attended (enrolling in 1970) and graduated (in 1974) from Mullen High School. Although I lived in south Denver (near Porter Hospital) my best friends were all from southwest Denver and Littleton. These included Mike (who lived in the Bear Creek area); Kevin (who lived in the Harvey Park area); and Jake (who lived in Littleton). The first two, Mike and Kevin, both went to Notre Dame Parish (Jake attended St. Mary). In some way, then, Notre Dame Parish has been in my religious consciousness ever since.
Archbishop Urban Vehr founded Notre Dame parish in 1957 and one year later dedicated our church. Sixty-plus years have passed since our founding and nearly sixty years are upon us since the dedication of our house of worship. A lot has happened since then, has it not? The Holy Spirit has been alive and active in our midst and through our parish.
These two anniversaries being upon us, I invite everyone who has been part of Notre Dame Parish from the beginning to step forward and let us know who you are. I would love to celebrate Notre Dame Parish—its mission, past, and ministry—by recognizing and celebrating you and your “parishioner-hood.”
If you or any member of your family (for example, parents or grandparents) were founding members of Notre Dame Parish and here that first year of our existence, namely, 1957 through 1958, we would love to hear from you. We are interested in meeting you, hearing any stories or memories you may have of Notre Dame Parish at the time, and recognizing and honoring you next year at some point and at some yet-to-be determined occasion of celebration.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Father Ed

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