St M Extended Day Registration (2019-2020)
Our Extended Programs continue to grow in enrollment and offerings aimed at meeting the needs of our students and families beyond the school day. We hear continuously that families and students alike love the program, and feel loved by the experienced and talented teachers.

In 2019-20, program highlights will continue to include supervised study halls, ample opportunities to play outside and indoors, and a strong sense of community with particular emphasis on student socialization. Enrollment in the Core Extended Day Program includes FREE enrollment for all half-days and clerical days. Families may select from the enrollment plans below. Those on 3 and 2-day plans may schedule which days of the week are most convenient. As in years past, additional enrichment classes and vacation camps will be available for an additional fee.

Early morning gym care will continue to be available free of charge for all students beginning at 7:20 a.m. No need to sign-up, just drop-off children when it’s helpful to you.

ENROLLMENT: To enroll your child in St. Michael’s Extended Programs Core Extended Day, please select the applicable enrollment plan below and digitally sign below where indicated. Families of Middle School students will have additional opportunities to enroll in conjunction with fall, winter, and spring co-curricular sign-ups. A separate form must be completed FOR EACH CHILD.

Similar to the School enrollment contract, completing this digital contract by May 3, 2019, will entitle your family to a $50 discount for each child enrolled in the Core Extended Day program.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Along with submitting the signed digital contract, to secure your child's spot, a $200 Lower School deposit or $50 Middle School deposit MUST be submitted to the School by May 3. Checks may be made payable to St. Michael's Episcopal School.

Thank you for entrusting St. Michael's with the care of your child. We look forward to a great year in Extended Day!


Michael G. Turner
Head of School

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The enrollment of a student is a contract for the 2019-20 school year. There is no rebate or credit for absence or withdrawal for any reason or for suspension or dismissal after the session starts. During the grace period, ending September 30, 2019, families may change the level of enrollment so long as the child remains enrolled. All plans are billed monthly throughout the school year. Signing below indicates we understand our obligation to pay the full tuition and fees is unconditional and no portion of the above charges paid or outstanding will be refunded or cancelled in the event of withdrawal, dismissal, suspension or absence of the above student from the School.

The undersigned have read this contract, and understand and agree to abide by its provisions, and affirm that the information provided is true, correct and complete, to the best of my/our knowledge and belief. The electronic signature, and all of its related fields, are treated by St. Michael’s Episcopal School like a physical handwritten signature on paper form and is legally binding.

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