Apply to Host a World Scholar's Cup Round
Thank you so much for your interest in hosting a World Scholar's Cup introductory or regional event! This form will help us get started: it's a chance to share information about your school, venues, and availability. We are so grateful to all our hosts and would-be hosts all over the world for making the program possible, and for helping us reach more students of all backgrounds and origins.
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What facilities does your school or proposed venue have? *
What is the capacity of your largest theater or hall, if any?
How many classrooms and/or breakout rooms are available for debates?
How many schools within commuting distance would you invite to participate? *
How would you help promote and invite participants to the event? *
Has your school hosted other large events?
About how many student volunteers could help at the event? *
About how many teachers, parents, and other adults could help at the event? *
Adult volunteers are often trained as writing or debate adjudicators.
Do your classrooms and/or breakout rooms have wireless Internet, or could it be arranged?
Access to the Internet is an important part of the Collaborative Writing and Team Debate learning experience.
On what days of the week could you host an event?
Preference is given to hosts who can host on weekdays. Weekday rounds usually begin after school on Day 1 (allowing classrooms to be used for debate). Day 2 is entirely in the main hall or theatre.
Are there any holidays or school breaks on which you would recommend hosting a midweek event?
Please share details below.
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Is there anything else you would like to share with us?
Ideas, questions, concerns, anecdotes about alpacas...?
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