Question Submission Form for 13th Congressional District Debate at IPM
Illinois Public Media is hosting a debate between 13th Congressional incumbent RODNEY DAVIS and challenger BETSY DIRKSEN LONDRIGAN on Thursday, October 18th at 7pm. We need your help to SHAPE THE DEBATE.

Submit your video or text question so candidates can hear directly from you!

During the debate, Illinois Public Media will use some of your questions. This is why we'd love for you to SUBMIT A VIDEO that we can play for the candidates and audience.

Here's what to do for VIDEO:

1. Make a 15-30 second video of yourself asking one clear question to the 13th Congressional District candidates.
2. Please include your name, city, and the reason why you're asking your question.
3. Record with enough light so that your face is easily visible.
4. Record in a quiet place so there is no unnecessary background noise.
5. If you are recording on your phone, please set up the phone horizontally so that the image is wide.
6. Upload your file to this form. It must be less than 1GB.
7. Email Kristin Walters at with any additional questions.
8. Submit on or before Thursday, October 11th.

If a video is not for you, you can SHAPE THE DEBATE by submitting a question via text on this form or leaving a voicemail at 217-300-2121.

On October 18th at 7pm, you can listen live to the debate on AM580, FM90.9 or watch live through WILL's Facebook page. On Monday, October 22nd, the event will be broadcast on WILL-TV

Upload your 15-30 second video here.
No video? Write the text of your question here.
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