2019 Young & Ambitious Awards Nomination Form

Please fill out this form to nominate your candidate for consideration in one of the award categories below.

- The nominee should show exemplary work within the community under one of the categories below AND should live within the Chicago-land area.

- Nominees do not have to be a current or past MetroBoard member.

- Nominees will only be considered for one award category.


1) Excellence in Community Service - recognizes an individual for their dedication to service and/or volunteer work with charitable, nonprofit, community, church or similar organizations within the community.

2) Excellence in Education - recognizes a respected and admired individual for playing an active role in significantly impacting the lives of students.

3) Excellence in Entrepreneurship - recognizes an individual who exemplifies the entrepreneurial spirit. Who, by their creativity and determination, have established and nurtured successful business ventures.

4) Excellence in Advocacy - recognizes an individual who dedicates themselves to advocacy and activism related to a specific issue, cause or organization.

5) Excellence in the Arts - recognizes a dedicated individual's excellence and accomplishments in an arts discipline. This award is for unique vision, high artistic quality, creativity and innovation.

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