Become a Partner School - ClimateScience
The ClimateScience Partner School program helps bring climate education to schools around the world. As a partner school

1. You get ClimateScience educational material for free in any language we have available.
2. Your school is displayed on our website ( for as long you are a partner school.
3. You can use the ClimateScience partner school logo on your website and list us as a partner.

Your students can take part in our extracurricular student projects, events and learn about solutions to climate change with others from around the world who are equally interested.

The partnership does not involve any financial transactions. To cancel the partnership, email and we will remove you from the website within 30 days. We reserve the right to cancel the partnership at any time without notice.

After we reviewed your application, we will contact you with the resources you get as a partner school.

Climate Science LTD is a registered charity in England and Wales (UK) under charity number 1190993.
ClimateScience in a Swedish school
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