CREATING & SHARING DIGITAL CONTENT: Supporting young people in active global citizenship
Country of residence
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Phone number
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Please let us know about any special requirements including dietary requirements?
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Date of Birth
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Organisation association: what organisation/s do you volunteer or work with. What is your role within the organisation?
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How many young people do you engage with on a regular basis and in what type of projects?
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Do you currently engage Young people with Global Justice and citizenship issues? If so, how? If not, what how do you hope to do so in the future?
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What global justice topics are you passionate about?
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Why are you motivated to participate in this training programme? (approx 100 words)
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What is your level of spoken English?
What is your level of experience and competence with creating the following types of digital content?
no experience/ competence
very little experience / competence
reasonable experience / competence
lots of experience / competence
Editing film
Creating GIFS
Blog posts
Vlog posts
Digital comics
info graphics
Memes (photo images with added text
Stop motion
Row 11
What is your level of experience and competence with using the following social media platforms
no experience/ competence
very little experience/ competence
reasonable experience/ competence
a lot of experience/ competence
Would you be willing to host a drop in demo/ help desk for a 3 hr session to share your knowledge experience in creating digital and sharing digital content? If so what areas listed above would you like to share? What apps/ equip would you use? How would you share the skill?
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Please confirm the following
I am available to fully participate in the programme for the full duration
I will complete required evaluation/ survey related to me experience
I agree to a nominal contribution of a E50 participation fee
I agree to organisers making photo and video documentation that includes images of me, to use to hare the learning of the experience and to promote future programmes
Which devices can you bring to use in the training programme
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