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Always check our catalog before making a request.
If we own the book, you can place a request using your library card and PIN. If you don't have a PIN or if you have trouble logging into your account, call your library and we'll be glad to place a hold for you.


Search WorldCat to see which libraries have your book:

+ Requests will be held for seven (7) business days.
+ Overdue fines for ILLs are $0.50 per day late.

+ Unless otherwise noted, ONE renewal may be requested.
+ Renewals are not always granted.

+ You are responsible for all charges on lost or damaged material.

We do not request:
+ Titles released in the current year
+ Books on tape, CDs, videos (and books with CDs)
+ Textbooks
+ Titles on current local or national bestseller lists
+ Titles not yet published
+ Rare and old books
+ Reference and genealogy materials
+ Items from libraries outside the continental U.S.

Please limit requests to three (3) per day.

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