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1. Match the following
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Community government
Separation of power
Coalition government
Federal government
Power-sharing among different organs of government
Power-sharing among government at different levels.
Power-sharing by different social groups.
Power-sharing by two or more political parties.
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2.  Features ‘A’ is marked in the given political map of India. Identify this feature with the help of the following information and write correct name in the space provided. A leading golden fiber crop producing state
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3. Removing barriers or restrictions set by the government is known as
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4. Farmers buy many goods such as tractors, pump sets, electricity, pesticides and fertilizers.Now suppose, if the price of fertilizers or pump sets goes up, the cost of cultivation of the farmers will rise and their profits will be reduced. What kind of situation is being indicated here?
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5. Which sector is also known as the Service sector?
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6. Modern forms of money include ________ notes and coins.
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