Wizarding Weekend 2016: Volunteer Performer Application

Deadline for Applications: September 15, 2016.
If you miss the deadline, please email ithacaiswizards@gmail.com

Our festival is a weekend dedicated to the celebration of community in the context of the Harry Potter series. In its inaugural year, over 8,000 people attended the initial 5 hour event. For 2016 we are extending the festival day to 10am-5pm and offering additional activities on the day before and after the festival day. We are anticipating attendance to increase to at least 12,000 attendees.
For a full list of the weekend’s events, visit http://www.WizardingWeekend.com

The 2016 footprint will include Press Bay Alley, the parking lots behind Press Bay Alley, the 100 block of State Street, North Cayuga Street, the Ithaca Commons and Bank Alley. All vendors will be set up on the paved surfaces. Awnings will not be allowed except in parking area behind Press Bay Alley due to fire lane requirements.

This application is for VOLUNTEER PERFORMERS who wish to be considered for portraying wizarding world characters during the festival weekend. Each performer selected understands they will NOT be paid and are responsible for their own costume(s), props and makeup needs.

If you are a vendor, entertainer, non profit organization or general volunteer, please find the appropriate application on our website (www.WizardingWeekend.com).

Selected volunteer performers must portray a character that relates to the wizarding world - i.e. specific Harry Potter Characters, general wizards/witches, etc. Please keep in mind that this is a non-profit, volunteer based festival and that our budget reflects that reality. Our planning committee selects volunteer performers based on a variety of criteria including but not limited to (exactness of character portrayal, schedule availability, thematic match, professional nature of entertainer(s), etc). We do not discriminate based on non-character factors (color, race, religion, etc) - whoever auditions and does the best job and embodying the character(s), will be asked to portray the characters at our festival.

Wizarding Weekend will promote the entire weekend’s events and participants in our official Program, website, advertising and social media efforts. When you become a volunteer performer, you agree to permit the festival to use your image (photograph or video) to help promote the festival. If you have never performed, we are open to discussing your involvement, please do not hesitate to contact us at IthacaisWizards@gmail.com
We look forward to hearing from you soon!
Darlynne Overbaugh
Creative Director


GENERAL LOAD IN/OUT: The weekend has an opening ceremony on Friday evening, main festival day Saturday and associated events all days including Sunday.

Successful volunteer performers will be notified via email no later than October 1st of their approved participation, character and time commitment. Time commitment will vary based on your character and the performance needs of the festival. Areas where volunteer performers will be asked to perform include but are not limited to:
House Common Room Areas
Festival Entry Points
Partner Event locations (Coltivare, Hotel Ithaca, Community School of Music and Art, Tompkins County Library)
Specified street performance locations

The concept with our Volunteer Performer program is similar to a renaissance fair model where this is fully interactive live action role play. For the time you are at the festival and in costume, you are the character. You will be expected to interact with festival goers and other characters as your character would. We also expect that you will respect that this is a family friendly event - any non family friendly behavior will not be tolerated. Official Volunteer Performers will be clearly noticeable with our special festival performer badges that must be noticeably worn on any costume you wear.

Rehearsals will be held for all volunteer performers throughout September and October. These will be more like character workshops and in some instances there will be rehearsed scenes that volunteer performers will commit to memory. All volunteer performers will have the opportunity to create scenarios and scenes with the guidance of the creative director. During the festival volunteer performers act on their own without supervision or director support. Volunteer performers under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult during rehearsal times as well as at the festival.

All volunteer performers will be required to check in at the volunteer performer room on Saturday no later than 8am (a continental breakfast will be served). Any volunteer performers assigned to off site location events on Friday or Saturday must report to the volunteer performer room one hour prior to scheduled performance time.

Majority of this event takes place on a paved city street, and is a rain or shine event. Your costume should be prepared for any type of weather and be sure to wear comfortable foot wear.
Street performers must adhere to all fire lane needs and requirements and stay within designated performance areas.
Please note that applications do guarantee you will be able to audition for character(s) but do not guarantee selection or any specific character, you must receive confirmation.

PARKING: You can park in the Cayuga St Parking Garage (across from the Hotel Ithaca), in the Green St. Garage, or in the Seneca St. Garage. Parking is $1/hour in each garage on Friday (with a $7 maximum). Event parking in each garage is $5 for the entire day on Saturday. If you cannot fit in a parking garage (7-foot clearance, no trailers), you must email ahead of time so that we can suggest alternate parking sites. On-Street Parking is $1.50/hour on Friday and free on Saturday (payable at the pay machines).
***If you require special arrangements for parking, there will be an opportunity to say that in this application. Please note that this requires advanced notice and there are fees associated with this arrangement.

GENERAL INFO: Your performance and costuming must be family friendly. You are responsible for packing out your own trash and recycling. Access to brick-and-mortar stores must be maintained at all times. No alcoholic beverages are permitted in downtown Ithaca and volunteer performers may not consume alcoholic beverages prior to or during scheduled performance times. Porta-Johns are available at the W State - Geneva St intersection and the N Cayuga - Buffalo St intersection. For an indoor restroom, please go to volunteer performance room.

VOLUNTEER PERFORMER REQUIREMENTS: All volunteer performers who are under the age of 16 must have written permission from their parent/guardian to audition, rehearse and participate in the festival. Parent/guardian must be present during audition, rehearsal and festival times. Volunteer performers are encouraged to educate themselves about copyright and trademark infringement, and comply with the law. Volunteer performers may not sell items while performing.
For lodging information, please visit www.WizardingWeekend.com and www.visitithaca.com
We hope you have a great weekend!
Entertainment Director


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Participant Agreement *As a volunteer performer, I agree to comply with the rules and regulations of the Wizarding Weekend Festival, including but not limited to family friendly performance, commitment to character and rehearsals. That, in consideration of my application being accepted, I intend to be legally bound that I do hereby, for myself and my heirs, executors, administrators, successors and assigns release and forever discharge any and all rights and claims for damages which I may have or hereafter accrue to me against the City of Ithaca, Tompkins County, Wizarding Weekend Festival, Downtown Ithaca Alliance, and the Ithaca Downtown Business Improvement District, Inc., and its employees, members, Board of Directors, sponsors and other representatives of the event for any and all damages, losses, and injuries sustained to me and/or my work during the Festival. I hereby agree to indemnify, hold harmless, and defend the aforementioned entities from any claim or cause of action for property damage, personal injury, and/or wrongful death. I attest that I am physically fit and responsible for my own actions. *
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