Jazz In The Valley scholarship application

The Board of Jazz In The Valley has established a monetary scholarship for the benefit of graduating high school and transfer students, as well as returning students, wishing to pursue music studies at Central Washington University, with an emphasis in jazz performance and study.

This scholarship is awarded to an eligible student based upon specific criteria, is for one year only, and cannot be renewed.

The amount of the scholarship is variable, depending upon market conditions and other factors that have a direct effect upon JIV’s invested funds. For 2017-18, JIV expects to offer a scholarship of $1000 for NEW students and $500 for RETURNING students.

Eligibility For Application

The student applying for the JIV Scholarship must be a new student to CWU (freshman or transfer) or a returning student, and be a resident of the state of Washington.

The student applying for the JIV Scholarship must be currently a CWU music major and participating in at least one CWU large jazz ensemble, either vocal or instrumental, continuously during the year of the award.

Application Process

The student applying for the JIV Scholarship must apply by completing the information below.

The student must also include a bio that shows their musical development and accomplishments to date.

The student must also include a picture (headshot) by uploading a file.

As an option, the applying student may wish to include recommendation letters from music educators that know the relative ability and skill level of the applying student in the jazz idiom.

CWU Jazz Faculty, in conjunction with the JIV Education Committee, will make determinations for scholarship awards based upon talent, expressed interest and any other circumstances that would contribute to a decision to award monies.

Scholarship monies will be distributed to the winning student through the Financial Aid Office of CWU. Should the winning student not attend CWU or cease participation in CWU jazz groups, the offer will be withdrawn and made to another student.

The deadline for application is Friday, October 20th, 2017.

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