40 Nurse Leaders Under 40 Recognition Program
ACN Mission: The mission of the Arkansas Center for Nursing, Inc. is to promote a culture of health for the citizens of Arkansas by advancing nursing education, practice, leadership and workforce development.

Purpose of Award: 40 Nurse Leaders Under 40 in the state are recognized due to their exemplar dedication to the nursing profession. Recipients go above and beyond to display a commitment to service excellence and leadership. They are acknowledged as community outreach servants. Recipients provide dedicated service to the population with a continued promise to grow in leadership and the advancement of our nursing profession in Arkansas.

Nomination Submission
We are inviting nominations from all areas and aspects of Nursing in the state of Arkansas. Nominations should be submitted from individuals who work closely with the nurse applicant in order to verbalize the nominee’s excellence. If self-nominating, applicants are required, at a minimum, to attach two reference letters for application to be accepted. WINNERS FROM THE PREVIOUS TWO YEARS ARE NOT ELIGIBLE FOR THE CURRENT AWARD.

Selection Procedure
1. Nominations will open June 1, 2020
2. Nominations will be submitted online.
3. Nominations will be blinded and sent to a panel of judges and scored using the attached rubric.
4. Top 40 candidates with highest scores will be chosen as winners. In case of a tie, a tiebreaker scorecard will be resubmitted to the selection committee for re-scoring.
5. Winners and affiliated organizations will be notified of selection by or before August 15, 2020.

Recognition of Awards
Recognition Award Celebration will tentatively be October 12, 2020 at the Benton Event Center. Notification will be sent to each winner and their affiliated organization.

Important Deadlines

Nomination Deadline: July 15, 2020
Winners notified no later than: August 15, 2020
Winners Reception: Tentative October 12, 2020

Applications will be submitted online.
Other correspondence may be emailed to:
Ashley Davis, PhD, RN
Executive Director
Arkansas Center for Nursing, Inc.
Email: ARCenterforNursing@gmail.com
Phone: 501-680-0121
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