6th Grade Course Request 2020-21
English, Science, Social Studies (Geography), and Bible Plus are the same for all 6th grade students.

You will be placed by teacher recommendation in a math class best suited for your best success.

The others courses are different from person to person. On this form, you will make requests for those courses.

*You will need a parent to approve your choices and "SIGN" for you at the end.
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Your 6th grade math course recommendation is Math Connects Course 2.
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The following electives are available to 6th graders:
Creative Writing
Graphic Design

Below you will make your choices for electives. At this time, do not consider whether or not you would like an elective for a semester or maybe for two, just select your electives based on which you want as first choice, second choice, etc.

A Note About Electives:
All elective courses may not be offered to all grades (based on interest and staff availability).
Courses have size limitations; students may not be assigned to a course that has reached its maximum capacity.
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CHECK any elective you would like to take for TWO semesters (full year). *TWO semesters are required for band. This is OPTIONAL. You will have a total of FOUR semesters of elective classes. You may leave this BLANK to select four different classes. **If you select more than one, please write your FIRST choice in the "Comments and Questions" space below. *
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