Author Signups Chocolate & Book Boyfriends Halloween Promo
A Special Author Promo Featuring a Series of Mini-Giveaways!
Readers entering Bookwrapt's promos have shown us they LOVE winning chocolate. They also love ebook prizes that include bestsellers. This giveaway combines both in a series of mini-giveaways that will team up trios of authors as sponsors of individual prize packs that include chocolate and books from some of their favorite authors who just happen to write in the same romance subgenre as you do.

With this promo, you can build your BookBub, grow your subscriber list, gain followers on Instagram, or any of eight total options.

Here's how it works: Visitors to the giveaway page will be presented with rows of "flip boxes," each box leading to a separate mini-giveaway page.

Let's say you write sweet contemporary romance. You and two other sweet romance authors will form a team on one of those pages where each of you will have one of your books showcased and receive two task buttons in a Rafflecopter created specifically for that giveaway.

Your team will sponsor a prize pack that includes one or more sweet romance books from a Top 40 Most Popular Amazon Author of sweet romance, sweet because you three are sweet romance authors. (Steamy romance or romantic suspense or paranormal romance authors, etc., will be paired will the appropriate books.) Your prize pack also includes chocolate. One lucky winner will receive both.

Just to be clear, though bestselling books will be used as prizes, you do NOT have to be a bestselling author to participate. You will not be giving away your books. The prize packs will contain books by popular authors in the same subgenre in which you write.

Prizes will be selected, paid for, and delivered to winners by Bookwrapt.

Example mini-giveaway page from our Valentine's Day promo:

Full example flipbox giveaway that ran during the summer. This one had a cocktail theme (no chocolate):
WHEN: Event runs October 8-28.

WHERE: Promo will be hosted on

GENRES: All genres of romance and books with romantic elements welcome. All heat levels welcome.

RAFFLECOPTER BUTTONS direct readers to the link you provide to perform the task you've chosen. If newsletter signups are your task, entrants will be sent to your own signup form/landing page, where you control the subscriber process. This promo DOES NOT include a bulk email list.

AUTHOR FEE: $25. Invoices are sent within 24 hours of signup and are due on receipt.

AUTHOR PACKETS: Will be sent October 4 and include pre-written posts, tweets, and graphics to share with your social media and newsletter subscribers. 

Questions? Contact Aileen at
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