Food Distribution
This survey is being sent out to inform parents/guardians of options available to their students concerning breakfast/lunch meal packets. This with also provide our district valuable information concerning distribution.

Beginning Thursday, March 19th, sack breakfast/lunch meals will be provided FREE for all school age students ages 0-18. No proof of income is required

These meals will provide both a breakfast and lunch meal package.

Meal Packages can be picked up at any of these listed locations between 9:00 AM – 11:00 (regardless of where your child attends): Granite City High School, Coolidge Jr. High School, Grigsby Intermediate School, Frohardt School, Maryville School, Mitchell School, Prather School and Wilson School for students wishing to receive a meal while school is closed.

The pick-up will be organized in a drive-thru format.

Parents are asked to drive to the pick-up location, roll down their window, pick up the meal(s) and proceed out of the parking lot.

Cold foods (Sandwiches, Milk & Cheese, etc.) should be kept cold at 41 degrees or below within 2 hours of pick-up.

*Any necessary adjustments to this meal policy will be announced.*
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