Yup Tutor Satisfaction Survey - February
The goal of these surveys is to give our tutor community the ability to simply and anonymously provide feedback to the Yup Team on a monthly basis to let us know how we are doing and what is working (or not working).
Tutor Experience
Overall, how satisfied are you with your Yup experience? *
Very Unsatisified
Very Satisfied
How is the tutoring technology working? *
Not Working At All
Working Very Well
How is scheduling? *
Not Working At All
Working Very Well
How is the current grading rubric? *
Not Working At All
Working Very Well
Do you have any additional thoughts, ideas, or feedback for Yup?
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February Insights: Achievements
How often per session do you typically use achievements *
What are the biggest reasons you don't use achievements? *
What can we do to encourage tutors to use achievements more frequently? *
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