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Yard Sale Form
This form is for the sole purpose of submitting a yard sale where items are bought and sold each calendar quarter.

If you are not the yard sale owner or manager and do not know the full details of the event, then we will not be able to post it. If however you would like the take the initiative to contact the owner or manager of the event and provide us that information, that would be spectacular!

Yard Sales posted on Seraphim will be active for three months. All yard sale posts will include the name of the sale, a link to the direct SLurl, the types of items accepted at the yard sale, and the number of prims/land impact allotted for public yard sales. For a small fee of 500L (payable to SeraphimSL Resident), the yard sale may also be featured at the top of the yard sales list (in alphabetical order) until the date the quarter ends. Additionally, featured yard sales will have a link provided in a specific tab on the front page of the Seraphim site. The current quarter begins on December 1, 2016 and ends February 28, 2017.

Due to the large turnover and frequent relocation of yard sales, the yard sale list will be cleared at the end of each quarter. Active yard sales will need to resubmit their information to ensure Seraphim has provided the best and most current list to the readers, shoppers, and resellers.

Thank you for providing us your information. We appreciate your help so that Seraphim may continue to bring the best and most up to date information regarding sales and events to the Second Life community.

Name of Yard Sale
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Yard Sale SLurl
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Your SL Name
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Your affiliation with the event
If you are not the primary contact for the event, please provide the name of that individual
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Is your yard sale limited to:
Is this a public or private yardsale?
If your yard sale is public, please indicate the allotted number of prims/land impact per seller.
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If you have paid 500L to be featured on the Seraphim site as a yard sale between December 1, 2016 and February 28, 2017, please enter the transaction ID of your payment here. Please note, all transactions will be verified prior to being posted as a feature. Payments must go to SeraphimSL Resident.
If you choose not to be featured on the Seraphim site, please type "NA" in the box below.
Your answer
I understand that when I register my yardsale(s), I will be added to a Seraphim mailbox for yardsale owners, managers and coordinators.
This mailbox is only used as an efficiency tool to communicate pertinent Seraphim-related information and is **never** used as a means of promotion or to send unnecessary information to key yardsale partners. While every effort is made to contact our yardsale partners that do not wish to participate in the electronic mailbox, Seraphim is not responsible for lost or capped messages due to non-participation.
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