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Membership of Sydney Atheists, incorporated under the Association Incorporation Act 2009
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The Objects of Sydney Atheists
Our goal is to promote a positive representation of atheism and to enforce the separation of church and state.

Our mission is to be:
(a) an active atheist resource for the people of Sydney, and
(b) an open and welcoming community for atheists an
d atheist-friendly people.

We aim to work through education, charity, activism and by representing the voice of reason and voices of atheism in public debate. We also get together to celebrate life and have fun.

Our values are:
(a) an open and inquiring attitude
(b) evidence based reasoning
(c) inclusiveness and diversity, and
(d) respect, compassion and goodwill.

Our vision, mission and values are based on three core positions:
(a) we wish to engage the wider community
(b) we seek a level playing field with religious organisations
(c) we value the spirit of free enquiry

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If you do not yet personally know a member of the association who can propose your application, then the committee can hold your application until you attend a Sydney Atheists Inc. meeting or ask you to provide a statement of interest for the committee to consider.
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$20 Membership fee
Sydney Atheists accept donations and charges membership fees to help us carry out advocacy and education programs on various issues.

The annual membership fee is $20, and members joining now will pay for membership until 30th of June 2014.

You can make a deposit directly to the Sydney Atheists St George Bank account:
BSB 112-879
Account no. 410 136 189
Send a copy of your receipt by email to

Another way to pay is through PayPal's secure servers. Deposits via PayPal are in accordance with PayPal’s terms and conditions which include the deduction of PayPal’s handling fee. The PayPal link is on the Sydney Atheists website at

Payment of membership fee
Please indicate how you will pay your membership fee. You will be notified once your membership has been approved by the committee, this only happens monthly
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