Custom Mala
Once this form is filled out,invoice has been sent and paid, I will begin ordering the supplies and making your gorgeous Ciao Bella Mala <3
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Bracelet or Necklace?
Are you looking for a traditional mala (follow exactly how a true mala should be made with materials/knotting/#of beads) or are you wanting it more for the crystal properties and beauty?
Bead Size
To tassel or not to tassel, that is the question!
Pendant? Please explain what you envision. A gemstone, wood, ceramic, charm...
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Tell me what you are looking for in the healing/boosting properties for the gems/crystals. Do you already know the gems you want? Are you looking for specific colors? Be as detailed as you can! Keep in mind some stones cost a lot more than others and your mala will reflect that if you are requesting uncommon gems. Here is a quick reference website for crystals and what they represent
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Most custom malas will range from $80-$100 and most bracelets range $40-60 depending on the materials used. Please allow 1-2 weeks for completion (you know me, it will most likely be completed much sooner unless I am waiting on supplies to be delivered )
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