Fall 2018 Gopnik Lab Research Assistant Application
Please fill out the below if you are looking to volunteer as a Research Assistant in the Gopnik Lab for up to 10 hours per week with a two semester commitment. Make sure to review the projects we are currently recruiting RAs for at http://www.gopniklab.berkeley.edu/for-applying/
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Being a Research Assistant in the Gopnik Lab requires up to 10 hours per week with a two semester commitment from volunteers. Are you able and willing to commit this amount of time? *
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(For the purposes of creating stimuli for children)
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There are many labs on campus, and there are several other cognitive development labs. Why ours?
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You can include classes, part time jobs, summer positions/internships/jobs etc. here. Please give examples of things like how you are organized, self-motivated, and an independent hard worker (refer to "qualifications" in "project descriptions").
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If you are interested in pursuing a higher degree for example, please mention specifics here.
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Please provide your availability for this semester
We understand this may change. Please fill this out to the best of your ability for now. We can always update it later. This availability will be relevant for when we may schedule an interview with you, and to see whether you are available for enough hours for when we would need you throughout the semester.
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