Elite Sheet--July--Integrity
The boss of a construction company gave a job to one of his building contractors. The contractor was ordered to build a house for an important client using $300,000. Since the contractor was a long-time employee, the boss said that the contractor may keep any money left after the house was complete. The contractor went to work. He wanted to build the house with as little money as possible so that he could keep more for himself. Instead of using his normal crew, he hired inexperienced workers who toiled for less money. He also used the cheapest building materials and cut every corner he could to save money. When the project was finished, the contractor was happy. Although the new house wasn’t very sturdy, it looked good, and he was able to keep $30,000.

The next day, the company owner called the contractor and asked him to come to the new house for a meeting. As they looked at the house, the owner asked the contractor if he liked the design of the house. He asked him if he felt good about the build of the house and if it was a house in which he would live. The contractor answered “yes” to all of the questions knowing he really didn’t feel that way. The company owner put his hand on the contractor’s shoulder and said, “I’m glad you like this house, because I had you build it for yourself. Merry Christmas! The house is yours!” The contractor couldn’t believe it. He had just built a house for himself and his family that could collapse with just a light wind—a house with many, many potential problems.
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