2018 FLL Registration Changes
This form is for ANY and ALL changes to the FIRST LEGO League Registration. Changes will not be accepted via email.

If the regional for which you've originally registered is FULL and you have added an additional team, please note we will contact you to pick a second regional competition choice. You will have the option, if space is available, to move ALL of your teams to the open tournament, rather than split your teams. There are no guarantees that you will receive the tournament of your first choice.


**OR Any other change to your existing regsistration

Please remember that the minimum ratio for teams to kits is 2:1. You may have a kit for every team, but you must only allow up to 2 teams to share one kit. If you add additional teams, kits will be sent out according to the ratio stated. There are no exceptions to this FIRST policy.

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How many TOTAL challenge sets should be (should have been) shipped? *Keep in mind, no more than 2 teams are allowed to share one kit. We will contact you if there is a discrepancy. Before we ship further kits, we will confirm that any or no kits have already shipped to you. *
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