Wedding Event and Floral Info
Please read this entire message and inquire about your date via email *BEFORE* filling out our questionnaire.

We are now located in Moab, UT with a service area of 200 miles in every direction. Travel fees for venues more than 50 miles from Moab include the IRS mileage of $0.56/mile and a $200 hotel stay for one night unless otherwise discussed.

We ship anywhere in the lower 48 United States

>>>Important Note About Minimum Orders:

*We have a $2500 minimum for all full-service weekend dates during primetime wedding season: April-October, and $2000 minimum for all other full-service weekend dates: November-March.

*Weekends are Friday-Sunday.

*For non-weekend dates or shipped orders, we have no minimum.

*Some exceptions may apply. Send us an email at if you have questions before filling out our survey.

Please answer the following questions to help us get an idea of your wedding vision.
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