Let's share and synergize across the world with IYOIN
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Indonesian Youth Opportunities in International Networking or IYOIN is an NGO “Non-Government Organization” which had set up by several Indonesian youths. IYOIN aims to be a gathering place for Indonesian youth as a medium to share and synergize working together for the sake of ideals Indonesia Country and all youth ideals in Indonesia which have go through programs based on education, youth, social, and international networks.

Extend the network between young adults as a goal the attainment for individual facilities, the fellow, and positively impact to the nation’s education for all youth in Indonesia.

1. Extend the network between young adults in Indonesia.
2. The Development of human resources for the creation of qualified individuals to be ready and competent in the future.
3. Contribute in motivating young adults in Indonesia for reaching the goals and the ideals of the nation of Indonesia.

In 2018, we would like to invite the collaboration to all parties to share and synergize together to spread positive things among others.

More information: http://www.iyoin.org/global

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