ITERA Volunteers 2019
It's here....what you have all been waiting for! Just a short (!) form to give us some information about you, our wonderful marshals. One form per person please....

ITERA Saturday 10th to Saturday 17th August

Marshals would be great from Friday 9th, until Saturday 17th afternoon. We would aim to give a marshal briefing in Inverness on the Saturday morning. The event itself runs from Monday to Friday, with the presentation being held on Friday evening.

Please look at the ITERA website ( for the 'race details' for the current timetables of the events. At present, we are not providing any further information about where the event will go to marshals as we do not want to spoil any surprises for the competitors.

Expenses - This event just would not add up if we pay for travel to the venue. Once at the event centre we will pay all expenses, usually a per day fee to cover food and fuel at cost. Any questions please pop us an email.

[Please aim to complete forms by end of March 19. Thanks...]
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Competitors will be arriving from Friday 9th August
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Event finishes Saturday 17th August
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Any other details
In particular if you have a vehicle that you wish to take with you around the event.
Other Information
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Any other considerations?
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