Visual Learning Study
Welcome and thank you for showing your interest in our eye study! We are studying visual learning on the UC Berkeley campus (School of Optometry, PI: Dr. Roger Li). To determine whether or not you qualify for our study, please complete the following questionnaire. We appreciate your time spent completing this form.

Should you qualify for our study, you will be compensated for your time (~$750 for the entire experiment for a total of ~30 hrs).

Please note that participants MUST be available daily (including weekends) during the time in the study. You will also be taking a very mild form of medication before each session. Each session will take approximately one hour.

The schedule is as follows:
14-16 consecutive days (a little more than two weeks) in our lab
14 days break
14-16 consecutive days in our lab

The entire experiment takes a bit longer than a month. We will be emailing you about the next steps after you fill out the form.

Please do not hesitate to contact me (Betty Li) at if you have any other questions or concerns regarding our study.

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