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Campus Closures and Student Access to Voting
With dozens of elections still taking place in the spring, campus closures around the country have placed new and unexpected burdens on students trying to cast their ballots in presidential primaries and local elections. From questions on how to operate existing campus polling locations to making sure students know how to request absentee ballots, we want you to be prepared to help resolve these unique issues.

Join us as we hear from voting rights experts and student leaders to help answer some of these questions and feature stories from leaders who are working creatively to still encourage students to vote! We also want to hear what barriers you are facing and how you’re still moving the work forward! As we open up the webinar to a discussion, we want to uplift the great work being done and make sure we’re aware of all potential issues students are facing so that we can tailor our support effectively.

Even if you don’t have an upcoming election in your area, this webinar should still be helpful as we will answer questions that students always face and feature new organizing strategies that can be integrated in your work as we look ahead to November.

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