Panther Parents' Association Registration Form
Your student’s college experience is an exciting time for the whole family, and your role in your student’s life will be integral in the coming years. Research shows that family involvement is critical to student success. We hope that you know parents and families are valued as partners in education here at Claflin. Students benefit when their family supports and participates in their university experience, while also encouraging the student to take responsibility for that experience. 

Mission and Purpose
The purpose of the Association is to support and promote the interests of parents, students, and alumni of Claflin University.
The mission of the Association is to:
1.      Promote student success and academic excellence;
2.      Engage parents in the university’s mission and goals;
3.      Support recruitment effort;
4.      Involvement in fundraising efforts for student scholarship benefits, Parents’ Association,
and Claflin University Capital Campaign;
5.     Assist parents to play a supportive role in student education; and
6.     Connect with university administrators, faculty, staff, students, and parents.

This information is for use by the Panther Parents Association only and will not be released to any other individuals or organizations.

Note: All parents and guardians are eligible to join the Panther Parent Association. Please complete the following form to register.

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