SLOW LABEL 新作サーカス公演 出演者オーディション 応募フォーム
2019〜2020年に SLOW LABELがプロデュースする 新作サーカス公演の出演者オーディション 応募フォームです。一次書類審査は、このフォームにご記入頂いた内容より審査いたします。


・SLOW LABELの活動に共感する方
・年齢17歳以上 ※未成年の方は保護者の同意が必要です。

▶詳細リンク(SLOW LABEL WEBサイト)

電話・FAX:045-642-6132 (平日10:00-17:00・FAXは24時間対応)


2019-2020 SLOW LABEL produce
New Circus Performance Project in Yokohama

Thank you for applying for this audition.
The primary documents examination will examine the content you have filled in this form.

* In addition, personal information that you filled in this application form,
We will comply with laws concerning protection of personal information and will not use it for purposes other than this project.

・Those who agree with the activities of SLOW LABEL
・It does not matter about gender, disabilities, country, professional performer or not.
・over 17 years old
・People who have participated in the stage works. (theater, musical, acrobat, dance, juggling, etc)
・People who can come to the venue by oneself, or who can arrange assistance person.
・People who can adjust the schedule to this production.

▶about this project details

Mail :
TEL&FAX : +81-45-642-6132
HP :

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