Teen Volunteer Application
Welcome to KidZone Children's Museum.
At KidZone, our goals are to foster a love of learning, provide opportunities for families to play and interact with each other, and facilitate healthy physical and emotional growth for the young children of our community.

Our organization relays on generous donations and grants to fund much of this but more importantly, we are dependent on our wonderful volunteers without whom this museum would not exist!

You, our volunteers make a unique contribution of your time that enriches the lives of all of our families in the Truckee/Tahoe area. By giving us your time, your support and your dedication, we hope that our museum will continue to grow as well as our children! We sincerely appreciate that you have chosen to volunteer at KidZone. We are confident in your role(s), we offer the following descriptions, procedures and guidelines.

Please take a few minutes to read the following information and fill out the volunteer check list to let us know what exactly you would be interested in helping us with. We hope you find this information valuable and it will increase your interest in helping out KidZone.

Again, WELCOME! We are so pleased to have you!
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I, the parent/legal guardian consent to his/her participation as a volunteer with KidZone Museum. We acknowledge that the activities that he/she will participate in may include, but are not limited to supervising & assisting young children. We , on behalf of ourselves & the participation in KidZone Museum activities & further agree to indemnify KidZone Museum & hold it harmless for & from any losses it may incur of his/her participation.
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