Sustain Dane's Live Forward Award - 2019 Nomination
Sustain Dane and Edgewood College are seeking nominations for the 2019 Live Forward Awards. The Live Forward Awards recognize local changemakers and inclusive leaders who are accelerating sustainability and advancing community wellbeing. A nominee will ideally be contributing towards a healthy environment, cultural, economic and ecological regeneration, a just economy, and/or equitable community and organization systems. This is an exciting opportunity to elevate the innovation and impact happening in our own neighborhoods.

We encourage nominations of individuals from all ages, races, ethnicities and backgrounds. Diversity and inclusion are important aspects of the Live Forward Awards. In addition, if nominating an individual working with youth, consider nominating the youth themselves.

Nominations are due Sunday, September 1st at 11:59 PM. Awardees will be chosen by the Live Forward Awards Selection Committee, which is comprised of 30+ local leaders. On November 19, 2019, the Sustain Dane Summit will recognize the Live Forward nominees and awardees.

• Assume the Selection Committee does not know your nominee(s) or their work.
• Share specific examples of the impact of a project(s). Let us know how this individual or group makes a difference.
• Consider including quotes from other people who have worked with the nominee(s) that can summarize the impact of their work.
• Include additional information like news articles, videos, or websites, if available.

Thank you for taking time to nominate a Live Forward Awardee. If you have questions about your nomination or the Sustain Dane Summit, please contact or 608.285.2454.
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