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Feel free to check more than one, in the event your desired job fills up before we receive your volunteer from.
Setup/Teardown - This job requires that you be available the Thursday morning to help set up the midway and be available Saturday night after the drawing to help clean up and put everything away. Actually a pretty fun job if you love the Homecoming as much as we do!
Hamburger Stands - You guessed it, 3-4 hours flipping burgers, taking orders, and making change. There are 2 hamburger stands. One stand each end of the midway.
Sausage Stand - A local favorite. There is only one Homecoming Sausage Stand and it is normally located on the North side of the railroad tracks. (3 - 4 hour shifts)
Milk Shake Stand - Three to four hour shifts taking orders and handling money. There is only one milk shake stand, located close to the sausage stand. (We love shakes and belive there should be 10 milk shake stands!)
BBQ Tent - Four hour shift taking orders and making change at the famous BBQ Tent. Located near the Courthouse and will have food preparers on had to do the cooking. (4 hour shifts)
Bingo Stands - This Job is all fun and games. There are 2 Bingo tents located at each end of the midway. (3 - 4 hour shifts)
Ticket Wheel - Three to four hour shifts working the stand and spinning the big wheel. It is one of the jobs that everyone loves. There is only one ticket stand and it is located next to the milk shake stand on the North side of the tracks. And you will have a ball working it.
Kids Zone - Three to four hour shifts working the Kids Zone. It offers an economical option for parents to bring their kids to the Homecoming and enjoy it without spending a ton of money. Your duties will include running a game or bounce house and punching tickets. This is a good area to get youth groups involved in volunteering.
Parade Volunteers - Three to four hour shift Saturday morning to help with signing in the parade participants and helping with line up for the parade. The parade is a jewel of the Homecoming and we are hoping it grows every year!
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