Community Support Volunteers
We are compiling a list of St Matthews residents who are willing to volunteer during the Covid 19 Crisis.
At this stage, we are looking for residents to help deliver and prepare meals for those isolated.

If you would be prepared to drive to collect supplies for us please indicate below.

At this stage, we are only looking for local ST MATTHEWS RESIDENTS to avoid unnecessary travel

You would not be expected to put yourself in any risk and the plan would be to collect items from St Matthews House, Community Hub and deliver to people on the estate, or help prepare basic meals.

Nothing has been decided yet and we are only in the early planning stages but we are looking at what interest there is in supporting this.

We would need to secure enough volunteer, staff, funding and food resources to make this work. But we know you're a great community and we can all come together to combat this.

If you can help with funding to buy supplies here is the link to donate.
Do you live in St Matthews
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