Nazarene Discipleship International [NDI] Monthly Report for the Louisiana District Church of the Nazarene
This is the report form for reporting your attendance numbers each month. Please answer all questions. If there answer is 0 please put a zero (0) in the answer slot.! Please complete by the first Wednesday after the last day of the month.
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Choose the month and year you are reporting. (mm/yy) *
Church reporting. *
1. Number of Baptisms/Conversions. (B-__; C-__) *
2.  Highest Sunday (weekend) WORSHIP on campus attendance. Attendance at Main Worship Service(s) (Please report all present at worship * services - one number if you have multiple services) *
3.  Highest  Sunday (weekend) WORSHIP  online attendance. *
4.  Total number of people who attend a Bible Study session(s), please include all Bible Studies. (Sunday School, Master's Plan, etc.) *
5.  Total number of persons who are SERVING the body of Christ in the LOCAL CHURCH through Discipleship during the month. (Emphasis on relationships through small groups, etc.) *
6.  Total number of persons from the body of Christ who are SERVING in the LOCAL COMMUNITY during the month. *
Share a story or highlight (good news) from the month from any of the questions above.  Any special events, celebrations or answers to prayer that you would like to report? New ministries or ministry victories that you would like to share. Please complete below.
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